IPSC Denmark invites you to
Danish Open IPSC Rifle Championships 2015
Nordic Championship 2015

IPSC Rifle Level III sanctioned match
18 stages, approx. 328 rounds

Semi-Auto Open
Semi-Auto Standard
Manual Action Open
Manual Action Standard

(5th) or (6th + 7th) June 2015
at Copenhagen Shooting Centre

Registration from 6:45 - First shot 08:00
Match fee: €120
Team entry fee: €80

Remember to order your T-shirt.
If you want your name on the T-shirt (Front & Back)
+ your national flag on the shoulder,
the deadline for order is: 31/03/2015

After this date it is only possible to order a regular T-shirt with no name on it.
Deadline for ordering a regular T-shirt is: 30/04/2015

Healthy, reasonably priced food for breakfast and lunch.
Dinner party Saturday night.
Prizes will be medals and raffle prize table.

Registration at: [ https://shootnscoreit.com/ipsc/match/2496/ ]

Registration will open on date and time: 14/01/2015 - 08:00